Why A Refurbished Copier?

Refurbished CopierA refurbished copier is one that has been inspected, cleaned, tested, and fully restored to like-new condition. Most refurbished copiers have considerably low page counts, and can provide you with many years of future service.

Costs for a refurbished copier generally run about 50-75% less than the price of a similar new model, illustrating the fact that SAVING MONEY is the number one factor in choosing a refurbished copier.

We’ve been providing high quality refurbished copiers to our customers for years.  We support most major brands from Brother to Xerox – including Canon, HP, Konica and everything in between!

Not just one brand of refurbished copier!

We support all of the major manufacturers.  With a range of new and used copiers, we have an unbiased selection to choose from – ensuring you get the right machine for your office or business needs.  Talk with us before you buy your next copier, and make sure you’re getting the best possible deal!

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